Advantages of Using FREEZTEQ®

DIY or contractor - The FREEZTEQ® damp-course system is suitable for use by anyone with a reasonable knowledge of DIY or by a contractor.

Easy to use - The siliconates in their frozen form are easily handled and can be applied quickly.

Guarantee - Application of the FREEZTEQ® DIY damp-course system is guaranteed for a period of thirty years.

Most effective method - Technically diffusion is the most effective method for installation of chemical damp courses. Capillary action ensures that the released siliconates follow the natural pathways of the rising damp itself, an automatic benefit that ensures the damp course is deposited exactly where it can be most effective.

Direct insertion - The FREEZTEQ® ice sticks can be inserted directly into the mortar joints, which are the major pathways for any rising damp.

Reduced costs - The FREEZTEQ® damp-course system may be applied by a contractor or DIY. Purchasing the FREEZTEQ® direct and not employing labour can therefore lead to a substantial reduction in costs.

All wall thicknesses - FREEZTEQ® can be used to treat any thickness of walling by simply inserting less or more of the frozen ice sticks, as required.

All types of stone or brickwork - All types of stone or brickwork can be treated.

Treatment from one side of wall only - All walls can usually be treated from one side only (generally the external walls).

No specialised equipment - The only tools required are a hammer drill, a 22mm drill bit (both of which can be hired), sufficient FREEZTEQ® packs, and the means to freeze the packs for 48 hours.

No bulky equipment - Fluid containers and bulky pressure equipment are not required.

Correct dosage - Correct dosage can be assured at all points; diffusion prevents the collection of solution in large, unsuspected cavities.

No spillage of liquids - There are no spillable liquids to create a health hazard or damage decorations and furnishings, etc.

Non-flammable - No flammable liquids are involved; the FREEZTEQ® process is totally free of fire hazard.


How to Use FREEZTEQ®

Full instructions are given with each box of FREEZTEQ®. Basically, each hole is drilled to within 25mm of the wall thickness. The frozen ice stick of FREEZTEQ® is then inserted into each pre-drilled hole. Sufficient ice sticks must be used to fill each hole. The process is repeated until all holes have been filled. This is one application.

Once the FREEZTEQ® has completely dissolved, the process is repeated until a total of FOUR applications have been made. Once the first application has been made, the remaining three applications MUST be inserted within the following 24 hour period.


How to Apply for a Guarantee

The FREEZTEQ® damp-course system is guaranteed for a period of thirty years.

However, to obtain a guarantee, a guarantee application form must be requested from FREEZTEQ® Products Ltd. The application form must be completed and returned to Freezteq® Products Ltd WITHIN 30 DAYS of final installation of the FREEZTEQ® damp-course system. No guarantees will be issued after that period.